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Hello traveler and welcome to Visit Sochi - tourist information portal.
We will try to give you wide understanding of what is Sochi, why would you go there and what you can do here. Also we will help you find accommodation, plan your activities, find transport and maybe do business.

Sochi - is a city south-west of Russia, located on the Black Sea beach and close to caucasian mountains.
It was always a resort for russian citizens and a popular place during summertime. By the time Russia won an opportunity to perform Olympic games it also became a winter resort with 4 quality ski resorts in mountains. Than there is a Grand Prix Formula 1 stage. People say that there also gonna be golf fields and casinos, but we will see. What else? It's has the most friendly environment for people with limited mobility. Besides most text information is given in both russian and english and you can explore the city without knowledge of russian language.

Local people are mostly tourist oriented and friendly, helpful. Some even do speak english. There are no factories or other work, so everyone is working with tourists, it's the proffesion and the lifestyle here. If you come to Sochi you will meet the unexpected level of hospitality.

Ok, from now on, we think you should be more specific and open pages you are interested in - it can be mountain tourism or relaxing on the beach, sport, business, shopping or something else. You can find contacts and brief information on the pages of our website.

Also take a look at our Map of Sochi - it's optimized for people new to Sochi and gives an understanding on how to get to a place you need.


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