Map of Sochi

Big map of Sochi

We know how confusing a wide Sochi area might be for a new tourist, a city is placed on 140 kilometers on the beach and 90 more in mountains. Without understanding where is a place you are looking for – you might get lost. Even russian tourists don’t know the city as good as we do.

Find main locations on our custom google map

So we created a custom map of Sochi for you and marked all the main locations. Also we marked them with color – green is the most cheap of the category (seaside or mountains), orange – has medium price range, and red is the most expensive part of the city.

Save money and time!

We hope this would be helpful, as for example staying in Krasnaya Polyana if you came for snowboarding would be 2 times cheaper then Rosa Khutor, while the ski resort is just 10 minutes away by cheap russian taxi (just 4-5$) or 15 minutes by bus (1$). Same rule apply and for seaside.

Be a smart tourist

Ofcouse the resort is interested in promoting the most expensive places, but if you are a student or just don’t care to get expensive apartments for your vacation – you can easily visit sochi without need to spend tons of money.