Adler Airport

Brief information about airport of Sochi – Adler

Sochi International Airport, also known as the Adler Airport – the largest airport in the Krasnodar region, located on the Black Sea coast. It takes aircrafts from all over Russia and the CIS countries and abroad. People arrive here, to have a great time relaxing on a Sochi resort, as well as the surrounding resorts. Adler Airport performes year-round scheduled flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and several other cities, the number of which increases dramatically with the beginning of the summer holiday season.

Telephone: 8-800-333-1991


Land transport going through Adler airport:

Airport is 35 km from the center of Sochi, can be reached by highway on a personal or public (including taxis) transport. Highspeed electical trains transports passengers from all 3 main areas – Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, Adler train stations.

Alongside the terminal building there is a bus stop with buses  going every 20 miutes as well as a taxi companies.

Bus routes through the airport:

Number 51 Airport – Adler shopping center (market)
Number 105 Sochi – Airport – village Krasnaya Polyana, Esto-Sadok, Rosa-Khutor
Number 124 Airport – Sochi (railway station)
Number 130 Adler – Airport – trout farm (village Moldovka)
Number 131 Adler – Airports – village Golitsyno
Number 131 Adler – Airports -village Lipniki
Number 135 Adler – Airport – village Krasnaya Polyana, Esto-Sadok, Rosa-Khutor

Adler Airport

Adler Airport