Nikola Tesla Electric Museum

The Nikola Tesla Electric Museum is a place with exciting atmosphere of scientific and technological progress, professional guides and stuntmen …
All spectators become participants of the show with unique exhibits.

In the Electric Museum of Nikola Tesla you can expect those activities:

  • Interactive show program
  • Scientific experiments for children and adults
  • Biographic movie about Nicholas Tesla
  • Unique interactive exhibits
  • Wireless power transmission
  • Plasma Tesla-flasks with inert gases
  • Tesla royal and music of lightning
  • Cell of fear “Student of a Mage”

Only here you can see the Tesla-show “Megavolt-Lord of Lightning” with giant coils of Tesla!
Real lightning with a voltage of several million volts and a brave tamer of insane elements – this spectacle does not leave anyone indifferent!

While walking around the Sochi Olympic Park with the whole family, be sure to visit the Tesla Museum, and not only your children will learn something new for themselves, but you will also expand your horizons.

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