Accommodation location

There we go – searching for accommodation location in Sochi. Names might not mean much to you, but you can read about facilities and location below.


Adler – District located between ski resort in Caucasian mountains and the center of Sochi. It is a sleeping quarter with a wide beach.
Pros – Nearby airport and railway station, easily accessible both Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana (40 mins both ways by car), prices lower then both is Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana, beach and sea available. Close to Olympic Park (15 minutes by car) with Congress Hall, Stadiums and Grand Prix Russia Formula 1 track.
Cons – Not much to do besides chilling on the beach, shopping or visiting cafes.

Sochi – It’s the center of city, but geographically it’s on the side. Business and nightlife center as well as seaside area.
Pros – Nearby railway station, a lot of cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, bars and clubs, also main sightseeing objects are there – park, oceanarium, dendrarium, concert hall. Also quite large seaside area with many beach clubs and bars.
Cons – It will take some time to visit ski resort (1-1.5 hour) and Olympic Village (40 minutes). Also the city center is more expensive than other districts.

Hosta and Kudepsta – villages between Sochi and Adler, close to the Black Sea.
Pros – Cheaper then living in Adler or Sochi. Sea available by foot.
Cons – Not much to do and you will need to take transport to go anywhere.

Olympic Parkarea with hotel and apartment cluster near the olympic objects and F1 track. Located next to Adler.
Pros – It’s a good choice if you plan to visit footbal/hockey games daily, walk on the seaside and enjoy maximum quality.
Cons – It is expensive and far from other parts of the city.


Krasnaya Polyana – Originally a village in mountains than became a ski resort. Now it’s a sleeping quarter close to ski resort.
Pros – It’s an area for living, there is a park, product shops and it’s quite and nice. Also it’s cheaper then Esto-Sadok, Gorky Gorod or Rosa Khutor.
Cons – You have to take public transport (15 minutes) to visit ski resort itself.

Esto-Sadok and Gorky Gorodare located in front of each other, separated by road. First is an old village, second is a hotel cluster with 3 ski resorts (alpika-service, gazprom laura and gorky gorod).
Pros – Ski resorts available by foot. There are 2 shopping malls nearby, both with aquaparks, a lot of restaurants. Also nightclubs nearby.
Cons – It’s more expensive than Krasnaya Polyana.

Rosa Khutor – it’s the last, but not the least place in mountains – a hotel cluster on the river with a ski resort.
Pros – Ski resort accessible by foot. Beautiful place to walk and enjoy living. There some bars and activities usually take place nearby.
Cons – Most expensive place out of three. Hotels only.