Olympic Park

Dear residents and visitors of Sochi!

Olympic Park of Sochi invites all tourists to relax, improve health and have fun. It cheerfully opened the doors to all comers after the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in 2014.

Working hours of Olympic Park:
Olympic Park is open every day from 08.00 to 22.30, seven days a week.
Entrance to the Olympic Park is completely free for all!

Access to the Olympic Park easily from anywhere in the Greater Sochi using:
– Rail (comfortable high-speed trains “Swallow”);
– Road transport (buses and taxi);
– Private transport.

Time to railway station at Olympic Park:
From Sochi Airport – about 22 minutes (excluding the time for transplantation);
From railway station in Sochi – about 50 minutes;
From railway station in Adler – about 13 minutes;
From railway station at Krasnaya Polyana – about 55 minutes (excluding the time for transplantation);
Trains go once every few hours, so you might get caught by a long-waiting transplantation when traveling from Krasnaya Polyana or Airport. But you can switch to a bus at Adler station.

Time to railway station at Olympic Park by road:
From Sochi Airport – about 13 minutes;
From railway station in Sochi – about 55 minutes;
From railway station in Adler – about 10 minutes;
From railway station at Krasnaya Polyana – about 55 minutes.

Guests arriving at the Olympic Park on private vehicles can take advantage of free parking.

Travel time from the railway station at Olympic Park to sports facilities of the coastal cluster *:
• Skating Center “Adler-Arena” – about 31 minutes;
• Palace of winter sports “Iceberg” – about 27 minutes;
• Kerling center “Ice Cube” – about 35 minutes;
• The Ice Palace “Big” – about 32 minutes;
• Ice Arena “Puck” – about 29 minutes;
• Olympic Stadium “Fischt” – about 28 minutes.
• Theme park “Sochi Park” – about 13 minutes.
• Grand Prix Formula 1 track – about 10 minutes.
* Based given average speed pedestrian is 5 km / h

At the Olympic Park are organized:
– Golf-car taxi and sightseeing locomotives;
– Free playground with sports equipment and fitness equipment;
– Carting;
– Rental of velomobiles, electric bicycles, electric tricycles, bicycles, children’s electric cars, segways, rollers;
– Attractions “Sochi Park”;
– Fast food courts;
– Restaurant “Baikal”;
– Sale of souvenirs;
– Working fountains with lights and music.
The entire list of services and the cost of services you can see here

Limited mobility groups can use of electric cars to explore the Olympic Park.

Protection of public order in the Olympic Park
Provided by the police and Cossack detachments.
Touch the history, make your stay unforgettable – visit the Olympic Park of Sochi!

Official website: http://olympdep.ru/
Current prices: http://olympdep.ru/service