Aquapark Amphibius

Aquapark Amphibius

Location: Adler, Kurortnii Gorodok, Lenin st., 219A (near the hotel “Vesna”)

Aquapark Amphibius

An aquapark in the Kurortnii Gorodok of Adler. Barely glancing at “Amfibius” you will see a “city in a city”. I mean, there so many things to do at so big area – more than two hectares of land, it simply defies the imagination with its size. And, once inside, you realize that the organizers bothered that you get the whole range of services for the best, carefree holiday. The complex is surprising not only for its big area, but also for the variety of entertainment options available. It’s true to say that even the most sophisticated visitors can find here a pleasant pastime.

Water slides

Aquapark has 16 rides. Most of them will be interesting for both children and adults. First you will meet three fast tracks with spectacular name “Kamikadze”, each 15 meters high. Ride on them thrills even fans of speed. Then head toward the bright red “Laguna”, repeat some sharp turns, and then proceed to – to the quirky “Giant”, which gives a lot of vivid impressions.

There is also a unique slide “Taboga” – a kind of water slalom. The main thing on it – resist falling. Finally, fans of extreme relaxation can try «Blue Hall». This blue tube of enormous size, spun on such a scale that sustain its sharp turns and bends can be tested by the bravest. At the end, the pipe will make you fly a distance longer than 100 meters.

Adler Sochi Aquapark

Adler Sochi Aquapark


All these water attractions are located in one of the pool. Visitors on holidays in this part of the park, not only provided a riot of colors, but also a lot of pleasant sensations, fun, sun, and, of course, the warm water. Needless to say, once visited the water park “Amfibius”, you certainly will want to come back here again. Sochi and “Amfibius” always glad to see you again!

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Telephone: +78622693610


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